B-65 Tank Regulation


By now I’m sure most of you have heard about the CSA B65-12 Standard, did you also know that the province is looking to adopt it in part or in whole? They are, and they’ve asked OWSIM to review and make recommendations as to what should or shouldn’t be adopted.

For those who still aren’t sure what this standard is all about I strongly encourage you to visit the CSA website and buy a copy of B65-12 standard. This Standard covers decentralized wastewater systems that use soil absorption systems for infiltration, dispersal, and final treatment of wastewater and serve residential, institutional, and commercial establishments. Basically everything that involves installing a septic or holding system, from tank size to field construction and everything between is covered in this standard.

It is now the responsibility of the installers through OWSIM to decide which parts of this standard is acceptable to be put into practice in our province. One thing installers have griped about is how Manitoba Conservation is always writing rules and regulations without consulting the industry for which they are written. Well this is your chance, by becoming a member of OWSIM you are eligible to join the committee that will be working in conjunction with the province to put forth a standard that works for the industry. Having a “provincial installation standard” will also provide easy reference for new environment officers and new installers, weeding out the “fly-by-night” guys who just want to cut corners to maximize profits.

Of course none of this is possible without the continued help and support of OWSIM’s membership, so please sign up to join a committee and make a difference in your industry’s future.

To join a committee visit the OWSIM website. www.owsim.com  or Email: admin@owsim.com

​To purchase a copy of the CSA Standard B65-12.