The following certified wastewater installers have successfully completed an intensive, one day Certification course developed by Killick Environmental Consulting. This certification course was developed exclusively for OWSIM, to provide installers with the knowledge to carry out an inspection of existing onsite wastewater systems to satisfy real estate transactions that may require such an assessment.

George Taplin                  Taplin Earthworks                          Stonewall                                  204-467-5311


Steven Penner                 Penner Underground         Whitemouth                              204-348-3292

Dave Adams                    Adams Contracting(1989) Ltd        Swan River                                204-734-3616

Kass Atkinson                 Intermountain Contracting               Swan River                                204-734-0902

Joey Futros                                                                              Lac Du Bonnet                          204-771-7780

Ed Futros                        Ed & Di Enterprises                          St. Andrews                              204-782-1526

Diane Futros                   Ed & Di Enterprises                          St. Andrews                              204-782-1526

Keith Bednarek               Keith Cartage                                   Stony Mountain                         204-981-2721

Jason Klassen                Roseisle Backhoe Service                Roseisle                                    204-828-3666


Juergen Meier                AJ Excavating                                    Winnipeg                                  204-792-9449

‚ÄčKirk Esau                       Garven Septic Service                        Tyndall                                     204-481-1377

Kelly Gale                      B-Sharp Excavating Inc                       St. Francois-Xavier                  204-229-9794


James Petkau               Kelvin Kartage                                      Winnipeg                                 204-981-7021

Robert Dufour               R.Dufour Enterprises                             Pine Falls                               204-367-8085

Paul Rousseau             Pro Mechanical Plbg. & Htg.                  Winnipeg                                204-235-065

Hugh Bonner                Emco                                                      Winnipeg                                204-697-3120

Eric Boyd                     Bestland Excavation                                Sanford                                  204-736-4793

Marc Maynard             Maynard Backhoe Service                       St. Malo                                  204-347-5643

Patrick Maynard          Maynard Backhoe Service                       St. Malo                                  204-347-5643