Suppliers Contact                    Company                                   City/Prov.                          Telephone

Hugh Bonner                           Emco Waterworks                      Winnipeg,MB                      204-697-3120         

Dave Bond                            Equinox Industries                        Winnipeg,MB                       204-633-7564

Clark Myers                          Baker Manufacturing Ltd               Winnipeg,MB                       204-788-8721

Mike Hoes                            Polywest                                        Winnipeg,MB                       204-924-8264

Alex Zoborski                     D&L Concrete & Fiberglass            Winnipeg Beach,MB             204-389-2651

Mark Hiebert                      Dura-Con Industries Ltd.                 Rosenort,MB                         204-746-8822

Christopher Jowett          Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc            Rockwood, ON                    1-519-856-0757 

Gerry Trudeau/                 Agcon Equipment                               Winnipeg,MB                          204-255-4772

Rob Emes

Dianne Haines                  Farmers Edge Laboratories                Winnipeg,MB               204-233-4099 ext 464

​James Holman                 Infiltrator Systems                               Old Saybrook, CT                1-866-511-6071

John Aguirre                     WD Industrial Group                           Winnipeg,MB                       204-896-1333


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